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Beautiful eyes with Superboost!

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Higher eyebrows and young looking eyes

The eye region is full of muscles that are responsible for its function and beauty. Young muscles can contract and relax in a natural way. With ageing these muscles lose their tension or develop permanent contractions. Botox tries to correct permanent contractions by disconnecting the muscles from the nerves. Weak muscles should be trained and re-connected to the nerves, but we have no possibility to do that.

With the SUPERBOOST technology all this has changed. We can now regulate the connections between the muscles and the nerves, thus improving both, the over-contraction and the loss of tension, in a natural way.

1. What lifts the eyebrows? The Musculus Frontalis.

2. What lifts the eyelids? The musculus Levator Palpebrae.

3. What gives us young eyes? The Musculus orbicularis Oculi.

4. What removes the toxins and swelling from the region around the eye? The musculus Zygomaticus

The results?

Open eyes

Higher eyebrows

Younger looking eyes

Less swollen eyes

All these muscles are originally designed to help us with our vision.

This is Nature’s way to provide us with eyeglasses. By improving their function, we also improve our vision. The immediate effect is the relief of “tired eyes”.

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