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The technique of SUPERBOOST is also known as BIOFEEDBACK, the latest high-tech care and the future of aesthetics and anti-ageing. 
SUPERBOOST is also used in pain relief and physical stimulation.


This new technology offers many possibilities. Superboost acts on skin aging, fine wrinkles, telangiectasia (burst vessels on the cheeks), eye lifting, irregular skin, coarse pores, acne, (over) sensitivity, skin tension, etc. The possibilities of the Superboost are very extensive, as this technique regenerates the tissues by linking them back to their central command system. That is how our body regulates our functions and integrates diverse organs as a whole unit. Ageing and disease occurs when the organs lose their contact with these natural feed-back loops that are connecting them to our control system. Restoring those loops enhances their function, thus improving health.
Superboost is also used to enhance the performance of top soccer players or as a revalidation technique after injuries. Famous Football clubs use this technique during training.

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How Does it work?


Biofeedback or Superboost has conquered the hearts of therapists and patients alike, as it combines the effect of a medical treatment to the softness of a cosmetic treatment. In Superboost active substances are introduced into the skin via an intra-follicular infusion. The active substances penetrate deep into the dermis via the already existing natural skin channels. As a result, the technique of this Skin-Toning has the rejuvenating effect of injections, but without a needle. This technique allows the active substances to be inserted into the dermis, without aggressively treating or damaging the skin. The benefits of Superboost are tremendous as the ingredients are better diffused through the pores, a surface that is up to 6 times larger than the epidermal skin surface, and reaches deep into the dermis. Furthermore, the infused skin becomes conductive for the electrical stimulation with micro currents, the actual Biofeedback.


Depending on your skin type and problem, the therapist will choose the appropriate solution. The treatment starts with a customized preparation adapted to your skin (type).


Then the therapist prepares you for the Biofeedback. After applying an adhesive electrode in the neck, the following steps are taken:


Beauty Treatment

Step 1

Choice of the treatment solution. According to the skin type and the desired changes, the solution will be prepared to fit the needs of the therapy. All solutions are prepared on the spot. They are natural, fresh and do not contain any preservatives. The strength and mixture of the solution will be determined by the therapist after examination of the skin.

Step 2

Needless injection with a tiny jet stream of 40 microns (40/1000 of a millimetre). The skin is gently pulled into the tip of the jet stream, while on the other hand the jet stream can force the active substances laterally into the pores. As a result, the existing channels in the skin fill with electrolytes, the biofeedback takes action and the skin is ready for the second step.

Step 3

Electrical stimulation (biofeedback) on the skin and muscles for a re-education of the area, where the skin and the muscle get new impulses as they are reconnected to the central command system.
The therapist will treat the zones that need the most attention with extra stimulations such as wide and clogged pores or unbalanced muscular tension and laxity.

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Final step: the results

The treatment is ended with a short cleansing of the skin. You are completely relaxed, have undergone a good toning, and are immediately ready for work, a date or a night out.
Using only state-of-the-art technology, we guarantee this treatment will exceed your expectations. This service is highly customizable so that each client can achieve their desired results without compromise. If you’re interested in this service contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced team members.



Over the last 5 years we perfected the technology and performed countless successful sessions worldwide. A small sample of our achievements are displayed below. Results related to pain management and functional discomfort have no picture, of course. 

Book a state-of-the-art treatment of Superboost that will exceed your expectations.


Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our experienced team members.


Partient 1

60 Years old - 1 SESSION


Patient 2

74 years old – 4 SESSIONS


Patient 3

70 years old – 4 SESSIONS


Patient 4

Post Acne scars. Lady 46 years old - 2 SESSIONS


Patient 5

Boy, acne 14 years old - 1 SESSION


Patient 6

47 years old - 8 SESSIONS

Screenshot 2018-08-06 10.49.33.png

Patient 7

70 years old – 3 SESSIONS

Screenshot 2018-08-15 09.01.59.png

Patient 8

14 years old - 2 SESSIONS

Screenshot 2018-08-14 22.04.24.png

Patient 9

15 years old - 6 SESSIONS

Screenshot 2021-09-24 at 13.52.59.png

Patient 10

32 years old - 3 SESSIONS

Screenshot 2018-08-15 09.02.15.png

Patient 11

29 years old - 4 SESSIONS

The Science

Aging of the autonomic nervous system can be delayed by using somatic afferent and efferent DC electrical triggering. This technique is also used to relieve pain, to close wound and suppress inflammatory processes. Our team consists of dermatologists, scientists and engineers has been carefully selected and trained, and we only use industry-approved, state-of-the-art technologies. We believe that everybody deserves to feel great about the way they look, and our variety of services is suitable for every need. We offer affordable, safe and painless treatments for people of all ages.. It will be our pleasure to meet - get in touch today!


About us



Mrs. Isabelle Mercuri-Ragbir

Born in 1965 in Metz, France Mrs. Isabelle Mercuri-Ragbir has been a practicing life coach and food expert for the last 32 years. She collaborated with the Foundation of His Highness King Baudouin of Belgium, to conduct NGO projects in rural areas of India, empowering women to establish a small business and gain independence. With her skills and strategies, she reduced poverty and enhanced the lives of many individual women. Teaching them to rise above their limitations. They learned how to start a business, producing local and seasonal goods for resale. From farming programs to small workshops manufacturing clothes, these women were able, after a little training, to sell their products and feed their families independently. The aim of the 6-month self-empowerment program was to triple their original income, but most of them achieved a tenfold increase on their past wages.
Mrs. Mercuri-Ragbir is now conducting private sessions as a life coach, mainly in the field of food therapy. As a food expert, in the broadest sense of the word, she advises on how to restore a health with food and combat obesity, diabetes type 2 or other metabolic diseases. Mrs. Mercuri graduated from the University of Metz law school. She added two additional years of economic studies before starting her career.
Mrs. Mercuri-Ragbir is the co-author with Dr. med. Ilan Karavani, of the book Your Body Type on health and made her contribution to his new book on skin care. It includes her scientific research, bringing these books to a new level in information, as well as her extensive knowledge and experience in matters of food and nutrition.
Since the introduction of the Biofeedback at the World congress of Aesthetics and Anti-ageing in Paris, she followed intensive trainings at the Training Center for Skin Experts in Antwerpen, Belgium and practiced this technique at the Carpe Clinic of Dr Karavani with outstanding results. Recently she decided to introduce the Biofeedback in India, where she currently lives.


Dr. Ilan Karavani

Dr. Ilan Karavani studied at the University of Antwerp, and became a dermatologist, specialized in Dermatologic Surgery. In 1989, he studied Cosmetic sciences at the Free University of Brussels and following his promotion he became a founding member of the Belgian Association of Dermato-Cosmetic Sciences. In 1991, he founded his private practice which is largely surgical and cosmetic oriented. In 1992, he was elected Chairman of the Dutch Association of Dermato-surgery. He collaborated on the organisation of the World Congress of the International Society for Dermatologic Surgery ISDS in Amsterdam in 1997. Dr Karavani is co-author of the official Dutch textbook of cosmetic surgery (June 2000). He is a member of the editorial board of two dermatological journals.
In 2000, shortly after the millennium congress of IMCAS Paris, he and his team started extensive research on aging and skin analysis. It so happened that his anti-aging clinic was in the same building as a nursery. For years, skin analysis of babies was compared with those of the elderly until the team finally discovered the algorithms of skin aging. Shortly afterwards, the secret language of the skin was unlocked and displayed in a code – the skin code. A new classification of skin types was born. In 2006, these findings were considered innovative and recognised with a patent. In 2007, the YourSkinType© software version of the measurement system for skin analysis was released. Since 2008, Dr Karavani has applied this technology and knowledge to advise aesthetic treatments according to people’s skin type. Dr Karavani is currently involved in the research and development of new techniques in skin care, both in terms of tailored active cosmetics, and in the field of high-tech treatments performed at his private clinic in Antwerp. In 2014, he inaugurated his new Training Centre for Skin Experts,, where hands on education is provided in all fields of skin care. His teaching and counselling within the clinic guarantee the highest quality of care.


Your Skin Type

This book is an innovative tool to be used by anyone, woman or man, interested in their skin care, in personalized cosmetics and esthetic treatments.

For more information visit our website


Your Body Type

A healthy life starts with a better understanding of our own body and its interaction with nature. We’re all born with a pre-set, balanced set of energies that is unique to each of us; we call it “Your Body Type”, or our energetic fingerprint.

For more information visit our website

Price and Duration




(Prices overseas from 200 $ and up)

Screenshot 2018-08-05 12.44.31.png

“Having acne at the age of 32 is tough. I tried virtually everything. When I heard about Superboost I first thought why not try this as well. It turned out to be the game changer I was waiting for. After 4 treatments I’m finally free to live a new life. Thanks Isabelle!”



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